Frequently Asked Questions

Use your Facebook or Google+ accounts to sign up quickly and easily. Once your account is set up, you'll recieve a conformation e-mail. Then you can begin learning and creating courses. If you would like to set up your account the old fashioned way you can click on this video tutorial and it will take you through the steps for creating an account.Read more
Once you have created your course material this tutorial will show you how to upload your content into a complete course on Lilasophy and start connecting with students.Read more
Making payments on Lilasophy is a seamless process between instructors and students. On top of this, we have the smallest fees anywhere on the internet for the amount of services and convenience we offer. Everything you need to share knowledge and learn is here in one learning marketplace. Watch this tutorial and let us show you how we can make learning profitable to all of our valued users.Read more
Lilasophy has made it possible for instructors and students to easily communicate with eachother about payments and refunds. This tutorial will show you the steps to go through for refunds of courses and Live Sessions. For more detailed information please refer to the Terms of Use.Read more
After you have your course published and are attracting students you will probably have some students who want to meet with you to discuss the content of your course. Lilasophy allows you to create a Live Session to meet with your students to teach them more.Read more


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View my final capstone project here .Read more