Lilasophy Launch

Published: Feb 18

Presidents' Day marked the official launch of the Lilasophy learning platform. It has been a long time in the making: over three years from conception to launch. Over that time, I have been working on the planning and development of the site in short sprints with a crack team of developers and planners from Coplex. Without their guidance and expertise none of this would have been possible. Thanks again you guys.

So, what is Lilasophy all about? This is a site that is meant for two types of people, educators and learners. To start with, Lilasophy provides educators with an unprecedented amount of tools to facilitate the creation of online courses. With my background in learning design and technology I understand that it is essential for educators to have the ability to utilize both asynchronous and synchronous functions in their learning environments. Asynchronously, Lilasophy offers instructors the ability to organize pre-recorded lectures, assessments and other course material into seamlessly flowing lessons. Synchronously, Lilasophy makes it possible for instructors to meet face to face with their students through an easy to use Live Session function. Instructors simply schedule a time to meet with their students, then students sign up and come to your live online class. Once in the class the instructor has the ability to share his or her screen, and any other type of documents they have with their students. Chatting functions are also available for students to participate with what is going on in the class. The best part is that all of this is on one convenient to use learning platform.

Students will find that having everything in one place, and making the learning platform easy to use, makes learning much more enjoyable. Looking around on the web I have seen many examples where students need to watch videos in one place, like YouTube, then go to another place like Skype or Adobe Connect to meet the teacher. All of that moving around can be confusing. On Lilasophy everything is conveniently located in one place, so you will never have to find another learning platform. In addition to this, you will find that Lilasophy has been designed to not only conveniently connect instructors and students, but also to foster an authentic community of learners. 

Creating a learning community has been the focus all along while developing Lilasophy. It has been the focus because a space like this was needed but was nowhere to be found until now.  As a teacher and a lifelong learner myself I believe that creating this space and allowing meaningful learning to happen gives us all the potential to grow and change our world for the better. Join us right now by creating an account at

Joseph Capps

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