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We believe that access to knowledge and information is key to every human's success. And, as educators, we understand that we all benefit from the free flow of ideas through education. We also know that, even with the great advances in technology that we have seen, there is still a need for an affordable and efficient place for teachers and learners to come together to learn.


With this philosophy in mind, we have created Lilasophy. On Lilasophy teachers will find all of the tools they need, and more, to create and publish their content and connect with their learners. Functions such as personal messaging, video and assessment upload capabilities and video conferencing along with screen sharing allow teachers to easily create an authentic and dynamic learning experience that students will keep coming back to.


If you're a student, you will find a seamless learning experience that allows you to learn at your own pace. And, unlike other learning sites, students have a closer connection to the content because of the simplicity with which we have designed the learning environment. Students have access to creative presentations, assessments to strengthen the new knowledge and, more importantly, access to the instructor if you wish to ask questions or request a face to face meeting with the creators of a course.


The Lilasophy family comes from all across the map: Minnesota, Hong Kong, India, California, Taiwan, France. Our collective biography spans the world, and our travels have ignited a collective passion for the creative exchange of knowledge. We have created and constantly strive to expand Lilasophy in order to provide learners and instructors with delightful information-sharing tools, to give learners access to knowledge, and to offer instructors a place where they can make a living doing what they love.


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